Well that was a fun exercise; I learned that Damien Jurado is one morbid son of a gun. Can’t figure why I never realized that before, but there you go.

She’s gonna move you like the never ending tide.
Never Ending Tide by Damien Jurado
Where is it you shall take me? It is in mountains high or is it the deep blue sea?
Abilene by Damien Jurado
I’m the blood upon your sheets
I’m the air you cannot breathe
I’m the darkness you can see
I Am The Greatest Of All Liars by Damien Jurado
It’s another nice day for an air show disaster.
Air Show Disaster by Damien Jurado
I’ve gotten to know her, to live with, to love her; it’s hard to see her leave. She belongs to her mother and the state of Ohio; I wish she belonged to me.
Ohio by Damien Jurado
No one told me you had feelings.
Icicle by Damien Jurado
Lord do me a favor. It’s wrong but I ask you: take my brother’s life. Cuz he’s sick of the suffering, the pills he’s inhaling, the cross he is bearing and that is his troubled mind.
Medication by Damien Jurado
The papers said I’m a killer; the papers were right.
The Killer by Damien Jurado
Well it’s who’s got what and what can I take?
Dancing by Damien Jurado
Some lonesome wrist-cutter who says I’m her brother.
Beacon Hill by Damien Jurado

Fair warning, I’m about to spam Damien Jurado quotations. 10 from 10 random songs. Then I’ll be done.

Damien Jurado photo by Greg Nyssen. Looking for credits on all others.


Opening for Damien Jurado in Nashville tonight and I’m reminded of how sweet he was to sing on a record of mine a few years back.  Here’s the video for “In the End” directed by Miriam Bennett, featuring Damien Jurado. 

No price I wouldn’t pay to always have you with me.
Nothing that I could take feels like the thrill you give me.
Damien Jurado’s Best Dress