April 20, 2012


Inspired by all the clever, brilliant, and concise responses by women and men to bizarre new laws about contraception and reproductive freedom, I was wondering if you could send in your own visual responses or things you had especially liked that have come across your Facebook horizon.

Submit your contribution to our “As Cool As I Am” montage by emailing your original or found image to DarWilliamsOfficial@gmail.com with the subject line “The Message.”

One of the owners of my record company is launching an excellent site called The Message, and we’re putting together a montage of the great Cool As I Am women and men whose humor and intelligence are reinvigorating and reaffirming the rights of women. Anything related to our eloquent essayist-actress Ashley Judd is also certainly apropo.

My personal favorite is of a woman with the sign, “Sluts Vote”:

Keep shaking those signs!

xo Dar

I LOVE Dar Williams & I LOVE reproductive freedom.

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